Griffin House

Performance Date: 09/18/2010, 8:30 pm

w. Matthew Perryman Jones
Wednesday, January 25

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Why They're Worth Watching: A Nashville-based musician with a Midwestern upbringing, Griffin House has won critical acclaim for his mix of sentimental melodies, ambient guitars, and sparse arrangements and his heartfelt musicianship has captured the hearts of audiences across the nation.
“Ultimately, these songs are about spirituality and trying to find your place in the world,” Griffin House says of Flying Upside Down, his latest release. The 13-track collection, filled with intensely personal, richly detailed vignettes of the highs and lows of House’s existence, showcases a young artist whose openly emotional singing, poetic lyrics and spiraling melodies recall Jackson Browne circa Late for the Sky.

For Fans Of: Indie Pop Music, Ray LaMontagne, David Gray, Pete Yorn