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Alex Band of "The Calling"

w. Kat Parsons
Wednesday, August 4

Artist's Website: Alex's Myspace | Kat's Myspace
Why He's Worth Watching: The inspiring sound of Alex Band's powerful, emotionally charged voice is immediately recognizable to millions of music lovers, thanks to modern-day classics like "Adrienne," "Our Lives" and the chart-topping hit "Wherever You Will Go," which Billboard recently named the 1 Adult Pop Song of the Decade. Finally, after an extended musical sabbatical, Band has emerged with his debut solo album, We've All Been There (out June 29th). If his fans feel that Band is long overdue for a return to the spotlight, the L.A. native has himself been chafing at the bit to make his return throughout the last five years, but the time has finally come for that voice to inspire us once again.
For Fans Of: Lifehouse, 3 Doors Down, The Calling
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