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Pat McGee Band

"Pat McGee's Wood and Steel Weekend"
w. Native Run
Friday, April 27 "Steel Night"
Saturday, April 28 "Wood Night"

Artist's Website: www.patmcgeeband.com | www.nativerunmusic.com

Why He's Worth Watching: Join us for "Pat McGee 's Wood and Steel Weekend" when our man Pat and the boys bring us 2 Unique Shows:
Friday is the "Steel" night where you will hear Pat and very special guests rock through some of his most powerful songs with an edge; with songs such as: "Beautiful Ways, "Anybody" "Guess We Were", "At It Again", "Girl From Athens", electrified versions of "Passion" and "Rebecca" and more. Staying in your seat might be difficult for this show! Expect a few slammin' covers that shaped PMB's rock-influenced side. All in all a great way to kick off your weekend at The Rams Head. You might want to start your fist pumpin' now!
Saturday is when they'll break things down, giving you the vibe that you're all in one big living room, telling stories and sharing a few drinks together. Pat & Co. will be playing the classic and new tunes the way they were written--with a guitar, a piano, some sax and slick harmonies. You can expect to hear everything from "Haven't Seen For A While", "Shine" & "You and I", to energized acoustic versions of "Annabel", "Don't Give Up", "Straight Curve" & "Come Back Home" just for starters! But be forewarned, just because they strap on the acoustics doesn't mean you'll need a tissue and a pillow--they can melt faces just as easy sitting down--Tesla did it! Speaking of covers, you might just get a few of those too--the ones that made Pat pick up a guitar in the first place!

For Fans Of: Folk/Pop music, Dave Matthews, Train, Hootie & The Blowfish
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